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Takashi Miike, from the Sukiyaki Western Django making of featurette.


here’s that guy who wants crowdfunding money for a video about how Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn are ruining the earth explaining why black people don’t succeed. I imagine that nothing about that sentence was surprising to you

it is a bewildering, stupid, depressing…

[Judge Dredd] is an aggressive satire of what would become known as the broken windows theory of policing, in which focusing on small crimes against the social order—vandalism being the textbook example—was believed to reduce crime in general. In practice, of course, broken window policing became an excuse for police forces to focus on petty crime committed by poorer people, and was little more than an excuse for neoliberal crypto-fascists like Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher to arrest more racial minorities. Dredd predates both Thatcher’s Britain, which came to power in 1979, and the broken windows theory, first codified in 1982, but this only added to its power. It meant that when Thatcherism rose to power the artistic resistance to it was already worked out and ready.
Philip Sandifer, The Last War In Albion (via andrewtsks)



A grown man believes this. Really, truly believes this (and called me a creeper and bully for rting this). Just let that sink in. He really truly dwells in some movie-tinged dreamworld where packs of cruel women cackle that nerds are gross, that they should be hurt and shown their place. That all our feigned nerdery and sexism-talk is just a cover for this. 

Think of the world we live in - Where he isn’t the only one who thinks this, not by a long shot. A world where  SJWs are out to steal happiness from nerds. 

Sexism fucking makes this world BIZARRE. 

I see stuff like this about Escher Girls and Feminist Frequency and other things sometimes.  Insistence that what we say our reasons and criticisms are are all a lie, that really this is all about popular girls being mean to geeks, (or sometimes hatred and jealousy of artists/creators) but NOT AT ALL EVER WHAT WE SAY. e_e

And it’s easier this way.  It’s easier because it means they don’t have to pay attention to anything we say.  It’s easier because it means they don’t have to examine anything or wonder why real thinking human beings have issues with stuff they like, or wonder if they’re the ones being exlusionary or bullying.  Instead they just dismiss it all as just background noise to MEAN GIRL BULLYING.  Everything we say is just a distraction, the point is we’re just meany meanies and high school never ends.  It also means they can feel like brave rebels when they lash out at us, threaten us, dox us, etc, because they’re the brave underclass nerds (which girls can’t be because our lives are sunshine, gundrops, non stop parties, and free meals) fighting against people who exist only to hurt them and have no legitimate concerns at all.

It’s kinda sad. :\

Please don't make Coulson gay because you can. He was created straight and written straight in Battle Scars.


Look, no-one said I was or wasn’t writing Coulson in Secret Avengers as gay. One beautiful thing about fiction is that we fill it with our own meanings. For example: was Coulson really created and written straight? How do you even do that unless you explicitly identify him as straight and choose to believe the way the character is telling the truth? You see my point? In case you don’t: fiction is infinitely malleable. There is no certainty, and there is no certainty in the universe, except perhaps change. 

I sense a certain dose of entitlement in your request — which, by the way, says a lot about you and nothing about the fiction you consume. I don’t react to entitlement well, but I am transforming my initial reaction into something positive here, and perhaps you’ll use that as a guiding light for yourself, too. Perhaps the question you want to ask yourself is, “Why am I so hung up on my perception of a fictional character’s theoretically heterosexual identity, and does me being hung up on it have anything to do with my possible uncertainty regarding my own sexual identity?”

It might. It might not. U-decide.


it’s hard for me to get on the current anti-hank pym train because yeah, he’s done a lot of bad shit in the past (but name one superhero who hasn’t oh wait you can’t because they’re all extreme versions of regular real humans)

but like, he is canon bipolar

in an actual comic, hank pym is a superhero who openly has a severe mental illness, that the comics show that he is working on managing in a realistic and compassionate way

so yeah fuck hank pym of the past who did bad shit, fuck ultimates hank pym who is such a terrible character than even thinking about how he’s written is triggering

but when you say fuck hank pym over and over and over, without mentioning that his current person is a person who has been diagnosed with a highly stigmatized mental illness, you’re also sneakily saying fuck everyone who has a severe mental illness, fuck everyone who struggles to manage them with normal stresses and bullshit, let alone the unimaginable stresses and bullshit that come with being a major superhero in a super fucked up comic book world

i’m not saying disregard the fact that he beat jan, i’m not saying that we should throw a celebration for his ultimates counterpart (who does not have bipolar and is just a horrible abusive man), i’m just saying that this entire echo chamber of FUCK HANK PYM that came out after ant-man was announced feels a whole lot like FUCK THE BAD CRAZIES

being bipolar doesn’t excuse his past, but samhumphries take on hank in avengers ai, and his accurate and actually fucking kind view of bipolar disorder and how it take your day to day life and turns it into a series of mazes and puzzles that you can’t solve, is really important. he doesn’t try to erase anything that hank did, but he shows that there’s more to a person’s mental illness than holding them forever and eternally accountable for things.



this version of hank pym is incredibly important, he is a very important piece of representation of people who, in this medium, are normally ignored or thrown under the bus by being cast as villains and trash you wouldn’t spit on if it paid you money to do it.

fuck the bad things hank pym has done. fuck the fact that marvel is doing another series of movies featuring nondisabled white dude main characters.

but don’t say fuck hank pym without also acknowledging that you’re saying “fuck people with mental illnesses that i don’t understand” and “fuck people who really fucking need someone to understand and support them”

i’m bipolar. i’ve been unmedicated and over-stressed, and let me fucking tell you, if i had superpowers? i would have done worse things than hank ever could. this illness, this fucking disease? it owns you. no matter how hard you try, sometimes it’s going to win. and when you finally beat it back, you’re not going to like who you were or what you did. and that’s the reality of it, and that’s the reality that this comic series shows.


it’s really weird to be a person who supports hank pym who is also a person with bipolar and also a victim of domestic violence

i should hate him, i should be president of the “this man is a bad man” club, but i can’t

i can’t forgive him or forget how he hurt jan, but i also can’t turn my back on the first accurate and positive representation of myself in the entire comics medium

i’ve been reading comic books for half my life now, and this is the first time i’ve seen myself in them

don’t get so excited over hating him that you throw away what he represents to a lot of very underrepresented people

because yes, he’s a white cis hetero male, but he’s also disabled

he is disability representation, and even if it’s super neato cool to hate him, don’t fucking hate what he means. don’t erase his disability, because last i checked, there aren’t enough disabled superheroes to throw away every one that it’s socially cool to unquestionably shit on

hank pym gets more shit than fucking batman, and batman goes around fucking beating the shit out of mentally disabled people

why is it more acceptable to hurt disabled people than it is to be one?




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wait what



‘The Album’ by Latyrx is my new jam.